Steamers – The Better Way of Cooking

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2015
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Steamers – The Better Way of Cooking

A steamer is the device used to cook boiled food like rice and noodles. In other words, a steamer is an appliance which cooks through steam. Though it is a device which cooks by steam, it should not be confused with cooker. Steamers are better than cooker in a number of ways. Though the variety of foods which can be prepared using a steamer are less than a cooker, still the method and the safety measurements make a steamer safe for use even for 10-15 year old.

The method is easy. The food is best cooked with boiled water. The boiled water in the steamer produces steam which carries the heat into the rice or any other food poured in the steamer. This steam boils the food making it delicious to savor. The steamers have a lid through which extra steam passes out, making enough space for the food to be cooked in an appropriate manner.

Cooking food through steam is a good thing – it is more healthy and nutritious as few minerals and vitamins are wasted in such a manner. The most important vitamin that is Vitamin C and mineral Folic Acid which is otherwise wasted away is easily retained when the food is cooked through steam.

Whereas most of the Western and European food is prepared by boiling them, in India the food is more fried and is spicy. By this method, most essential vitamins are lost in the process of cooking. To avoid loosing minerals and vitamins in this manner, one can first boil the food and then fry it later on. The taste would remain intact by this method also.

Steamers in the market come in different sizes ranging from 1litre to 5 liters. Some of the top Indian Companies produce them like Philips, LG, Inalsa and BAJAJ are the major producers and distributors of Steamers. Ranging between Rs 1000/- to Rs5000/-, these are easily available in the market.

These are also available on online shopping stores like Home Shop 18 where such kind of kitchen appliances can be found with ease. These can also be easily shopped for at lower prices as compared to the showroom prices. Try shopping from any of the leading online shopping stores and see the benefits of online shopping.

Authors suggest to you purchase best kitchen appliances like steamers, toasters, juicers, hand blenders, food processors, coffee makers and many more.

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