SmashMallow Snackable Marshmallows Variety Pack 4.5oz Bags (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

SmashMallow is a premium snacking marshmallow made with Organic cane sugar and all-natural ingredients! SmashMallow is a sweet pick-me-up for every-day, anytime-of-day and it allows a guilt-free indulgence at under 80 calories and less than 1 gram of fat on average per serving. One thing is for certain, this is no ordinary marshmallow! Mint Chocolate Chip Send your taste buds on a frosty adventure Brrrrrrrr. You feel that? It's the refreshing chill of true pepper-minty goodness mixed with the satisfying crunch of chocolate chip sweetness. It's a flavor smash up. A boost of yum and a blast of wow. Toasted Coconut Pineapple Take a trip to paradise Alohaaaaaa. Can you taste it? A tropical pineapple paradise, lush and juicy. Then rolled in mounds of toasted coconut. It's a flavor smash up. An oasis of yum. Strawberries & Cream Discover the cream of the crop Yummmm. Can you taste it? Freshly picked strawberries, red and ripe, paired with creamy, dreamy goodness. It's a flavor smash up. A burst of joy and a blast of juicy that hits the sweet spot every time. Root Beer Float Float away to sweet simplicity Cheers. Ready for refreshing? Thick and creamy root beer deliciousness mixed with sweet vanilla goodness. It's a flavor smash up. A frothy bite of yum and the frosty taste of fun. Cinnamon Churro HOP ON A WILD RIDE Wheee. Ready for a thrill? A perfect puff of goodness - a little crisp and a little chewy rolled in sweet cinnamon sugar. It's a flavor smash up. A sprinkling of fun and a carnival of yum. Espresso Bean Awaken to a sweet espresso escape Mmmmm. Can you smell that? Dark, rich espresso beans, roasted to perfection, then infused into each creamy puff. It's a flavor smash up. A shot of sweet and a jolt of yum that's sure to perk you up.

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